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September 06, 2019

Nanjing Media Group interviews Chervon Intelligent Manufacturing

On Sep 3rd afternoon, dozens of media organizations such as Xinhua News Agency, China News Service and Jiangsu TV Station organized the Nanjing Media Group to come to Chervon Green Power Industrial Park to interview Chervon Intelligent Manufacturing.

The media group interview was led by Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Industry Information. As a “Intelligent factory in Jiangsu Province” and “Nanjing Intelligent Factory”, Chervon was listed as a concentrated interview enterprise in the “2019 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference” in October this year.

The 2019 World Intelligent Manufacturing Conference will be held at Nanjing International Expo Center from October 17th-19th. This conference will show the leading technologies and high-end products in the field of intelligent manufacturing, also share the practical application solutions of intelligent manufacturing, and release the latest developments in the field of intelligent manufacturing. At that time, Chervon will work with other outstanding companies to show the new development of China's intelligent manufacturing to the world.