Ecological Innovation

Innovation is CHERVON’S DNA; it’s about doing our jobs in better ways for better results, no matter our role at CHERVON. The Green Roof at the CHERVON R&D center came from a simple desire to turn a boring gray roof into something vivid and resulted in an energy-producing structure. This highly visible innovation, along with other innovative ideas embedded in the award-winning building, inspire the engineers and designers working there to think differently and to make the world better. Innovation is seen in our manufacture system, as well. We built our workshop with green material, thereby saving energy every day; we designed our air-conditioning system with advanced technology to provide better working condition to our workshop operators in a very economical way. The enthusiasm for innovation and continuous improvement energizes the people here in our daily work.

Green Roof
35K Liters of Petroleum Saved

CHERVON installed this German system on the roof of our R&D Building in 2004. The design alleviates the heat-island effect and reduces discharge pressure during rainstorms. The energy saved each year for each square meter of our 7000-square-meter green rooftop is equal to five liters of petroleum.

Blue Roof
2M kWh of Green Energy

The 2MW rooftop photovoltaic power station in CHERVON’S Green Power Industrial Park is the largest concrete roof solar photovoltaic project in Nanjing. The roof is expected to achieve power generation of about 2,000,000 kW /year. The energy savings and the SO2 and CO2 emission reductions are remarkable.

Use the Earth
Saves 1M kWh Electricity

CHERVON’S 448-acre Green Power Industrial Park makes full use of ground-source heat pump technology and air-conditioning water-storage technology. The ground-source heat pump system achieves a cooling capacity of 5118URT, saving 1,000,000 kWh of electricity per year, and reduces SO2 and CO2 emissions accordingly.