Product Categories

CHERVON manufactures a full range of power tools and outdoor power equipment. We design, develop and manufacture products specifically designed to meet the end user’s needs and requirements.

Corded Power Tools

Corded power tools are still the classic workhorse tools, widely used when all-day power is required. CHERVON has been perfecting the design and manufacture of corded power tools for more than 20 years. Close attention to customer insights has led the way to the development of more powerful and user-friendly tools to make work faster and easier.

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Cordless Power Tools

CHERVON was among the first manufacturers to acknowledge the future of battery-driven tools and to apply lithium-ion technology across the power tool categories. Now, with fast charging systems, battery heat-management systems, brushless-motor technology and other innovative features, we continue on our path to deliver improved comfort, performance and reliability to our users.

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Outdoor Power Equipment

CHERVON has become a world leader in the outdoor power equipment industry due to our systematic approach to reimaging power output and striving to find a better way for the consumer and our world.  Our experience in the segment is extensive, dating back more than a decade.  Our recent innovation is a result of breakthroughs with high-voltage Lithium-Ion battery and charging technology.

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Bench Tools

Bench tools are subject to strenuous use by professionals who require extremely high levels of accuracy and dependability. They are also, typically, 5 to 10 times larger than handheld power tools. CHERVON embraced the challenge posed to our manufacturing systems by these parameters, elevated our capabilities to meet these demands, and has been successfully producing  durable, dependable and accurate bench-tool products for over 10 years.

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Laser & Electronic Tools

Beginning with laser levels and laser guidelines, which were the dominant power-tool industry innovation in the early 2000’s, CHERVON has steadily and progressively developed its laser and electronics design and manufacturing capabilities. Today, Laser and Electronics is one of the largest categories within our Power Tool Business Unit, with sub-categories that include laser levels, laser measuring tools, and digital levels.


CHERVON is a one-stop-shop for all your accessory needs. We understand that what consumers really want is a quarter inch hole, rather than a quarter inch bit. It’s a subtle difference, but a difference that allows us to stay focused on the depth and breadth of our assortment and the method by which the accessory is attached. Our accessory solutions are the bridge between the tool and the desired result.