CHERVON began developing its manufacturing system in 1999 and quickly became one of the largest power tool manufacturers in China. Now we’re running two manufacturing bases: Chervon Industrial Park, established in 2006 and Green Power Industrial Park, established in 2015, with integrated operations that include tooling, die casting, injection molding, machining, motor manufacturing, assembly, and more.

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Smart Factory

Based on advanced informatization, including MES (Manufacturing Execution System), SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) and WMS (Warehouse Management System), the smart factory connects all the production processes to realize order and product-information transparency, thus achieving real-time track, trace and control throughout product life--from planning and scheduling to procurement and warehousing, from production to finish goods shipping--all of which allow manufacturing processes to be radically optimized. High-level digitalization and automation helps to keep our operational efficiency and excellence at the very top level of the industry.

Robot-assisted tech

Closely emulating the human hand, the automated robotic arms can carry out repetitive tasks with great precision and accuracy, thus providing improved, consistent product quality. Their ability to work in environments that are inhospitable to humans liberates the workers from performing dangerous tasks, thus improving workplace safety and significantly reducing labor intensity.

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Automated Warehouse

The fully automated warehouse in the center of our Green Power plant provides a wide range of benefits, including space savings, improved productivity and increased material-flow efficiency. The 11-deck facility enables us to increase storage capacity by up to about 300% compared to conventional storage rack & forklift operations and delivers materials and finished goods where they are required just-in-time.