Our Culture

Chervon is an innovative, global player in the power tool and outdoor power equipment industries. Our efforts are directed to bettering the world. We build better tools for the global marketplace that are consciously designed to make work better, easier and more efficient. We successfully seek and implement ways to preserve and protect the world’s environment in all of our operations.

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Better Tools. Better World.

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Providing superior products to users worldwide through continuous innovation, we are determined to become a global leader in power tools and outdoor power equipment in the lithium-ion, intelligent and digital era.

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Integrity, Diligence, Enthusiasm, Aspiration
  • Integrity: Consistent honesty, good choices and goodwill.
  • Diligence: There is no short cut. Each of us must be fully committed to doing our work well.
  • Enthusiasm: The energy to pursue personal and corporate excellence.
  • Aspiration: We aspire to be the leader of our industry and to help our customers to achieve their goals.


This is the philosophy that has guided CHERVON in its 20 years of development; it is with this philosophy that CHERVON has survived and thrived in the fiercely competitive power-tool industry. These four words are not only the foundation of CHERVON's accomplishments: they are the expression of CHERVON's continuing, relentless pursuit of perfection.