Business Units

Chervon has been active in two distinct business fields. We design, develop and manufacture a wide range of power tools for industrial/professional and consumer end users and OPE products for premium and mass market end users.

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Power Tool Business Unit

CHERVON’s Power Tool business unit was established in 1994 and rapidly developed into a full-fledged value chain that includes R&D, sourcing, manufacturing, testing, marketing, sales & distribution and after-sales service. It is now one of the global leaders in the power tool industry. The Power Tool business unit serves consumers and retailers around the globe.

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Outdoor Power Equipment Business Unit

Chervon’s Outdoor Power Equipment Business Unit is built on the solid foundation of manufacturing and development capability developed throughout our power-tool manufacturing history. Continuous technology breakthroughs, such as battery platforms, battery management systems (“BMS”), motors and electric controls, have been accomplished with inspired collaboration across our global R&D teams.