Social Responsibility

Since its founding, CHERVON has strived to be a good and responsible corporate citizen, thereby benefitting our society and the world in which we work and live. Now we’re actively involved in social causes, including various short- and long-term projects such as our annual charity run, water cellar construction and post-earthquake reconstruction in close cooperation with non-profit organizations and institutions.

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Run the Extra Mile



CHERVON recognizes and responds to our corporate social responsibilities to the world, our country and our communities. In 2013, we held the first CHERVON “Charity Run” to encourage our employees to exercise for health, while also supporting our joint social welfare undertakings. The “Charity Run” now occurs every spring. The proceeds from the event have been used to support “Water Cellar” project to benefit the drought-stricken area in western China, “Ya’an post-disaster school reconstruction” projects and other important endeavors.  Our goal is to encourage more and more of our people to participate in philanthropy. Let’s “Run the Extra Mile!”




Programs We Support
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New Bud Learning Support

“New Bud Learning Support” is a public welfare program for the purpose of providing educational aid to poor students in Jiangsu Province. CHERVON joined this project in 2016. We raise money in our annual “Charity Run” for the program and send volunteer staff to support the project and help those people in need.

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School Reconstruction Project after Ya’an Earthquake

On April 20th 2013, a magnitude 7.0 earthquake shook the city of Ya’an in Sichuan Province. Beautiful land was turned into ruins, hundreds of schools were destroyed and tens of thousands of students were without schools. In order to facilitate the children’s return to school as early as possible and provide a pleasant and secure environment for learning, CHERVON works with the “Tzu Chi Foundation,” an international humanitarian organization, to support the “Ya’an Post-Disaster School Reconstruction” Project.