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April 17, 2019

Chervon Held the 7th Charity Run

On April 13, 2019, the 7th Chervon Charity Run was held in the Niushou Mountain Scenic Area. At 9 o'clock in the morning, the race started with a gunshot. Dressing in red T-shirts with smiling on the faces, Chervon runners became a beautiful scenery of the Niushou Mountain. A team of nearly one hundred volunteers from Tzu Chi Foundation came to support us by distributing supplies and cheering on the runners, guarding us with love and passion.

At 9:42:43, the first 10KM male runner crossed the finish line. At 9:51:03, the first female runner finished the race. A total of 1087 runners signed up for the race this year, with 739 runners completing their running goals. 

Among them, 266 people signed up for the 10KM running race, and 224 people successfully fulfilled their goals and won the customized gold medal. At the same time, the crowdfunding activity on WeChat this year started on March 11 has received support from a total of 5231 people. 

A group of mysterious guests also came to the scene. They are the Spring Buds Students come from Fuyang, Sihong and other places. They had successfully completed high school study with the help of the “Spring Buds Education Aid” project in Northern Jiangsu, and now they are admitted to their ideal universities. This year, they ran with us together to help more Spring Buds Kids. 

All the money raised by the 7th Chervon Charity Run will be donated to the Tzu Chi Foundation to support the Spring Buds Program in Northern Jiangsu to warm up more children with the power of running and light up their bright future.

'I Want to Support the Charity Run with My Own Strength!'

Zhu Yongxin, born in the 21st century, majoring in computer, from Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology.“One day a volunteer from Tzu Chi Foundation told me they wanted me to take part in a love running race.” This is the first time Zhu Yongxin heard about the Charity Run. “I once benefited from the Spring Buds Program, so I hope to help more Spring Buds Students through my modest efforts.” On April 13, Zhu Yongxin and eight other Spring Buds Students took part in the love running race and successfully completed the 10KM race.

Zhu Yongxin is from Sihong and his father went out to work since he was in junior high school because his mother was not well enough to do heavy work. The Spring Buds Program enables him to study in high school for three years and enter his ideal university. 

“The Spring Buds Program has helped many children like me through a very difficult period of material poverty.” Zhu Yongxin wants to say to other Spring Buds Children, “The future is in our own hands. One day, we will become the ambassador to help more people in need.”

Chervon Volunteers Carried out Spring Buds Program in Funing

From April 27 to April 28, the new Spring Buds Program was held in Funing. Lin Yingqing and Ma Genjian from Admin Department represented Chervon Spring Buds Volunteer Team to send the best wishes and encourages to the students. 

On the morning of April 27, Chervon volunteers and a team of Tzu Chi volunteers set off early and arrived in Funing after a three-hour drive. Later, they walked into the home of Spring Buds Students in groups and gave gifts such as books and stationery to the children. The Spring Buds Scholarship Ceremony was held on the next day. A total of 143 Spring Buds Students received financial aid this year, each receiving a scholarship of RMB1, 250 per semester.

At the awarding ceremony, volunteers broadcast the video of this year's Chervon Charity Run. When seeing 9 Spring Buds Students in Nanjing Universities also participated in love running race, the students are very encouraged, said they will study hard, hoping that in the future they also have the opportunity to go to Nanjing to participate in the Chervon Charity Run.