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May 31, 2024

SKIL: 100 hundred years of DIY-innovation

In 1924, SKIL invented the world's first circular saw, forever changing the landscape of DIY-tools. Fast forward a century, and SKIL is proudly marking its centennial anniversary this year. What started with a visionary concept aimed at easing the burden of cutting sugar cane has evolved into a world-renowned electric tool brand that continues to strive for innovation and the highest quality.    

Standing in a Louisiana sugar cane field in 1921, inventor Edmond Michel saw how workers used machetes to cut through the thick, tough sugar cane by hand. It was heavy, backbreaking work. Michel believed there must be an easier way and after many hours of researching, testing and improving, he developed the world's first electric handsaw. Michel had never anticipated the profound impact his invention would have in  revolutionizing the industry. The handsaw caught the attention of farmland developer Joseph W. Sullivan. Together, they founded 'The Michel Electric Handsaw Company' in 1924.  By the end of 1926, over 2,000 circular saws had been produced.  Over the years, SKIL introduced numerous innovations and products like the iconic 'Model 77' saw, quickly becoming an industry standard.  Since 2017, SKIL is under the ownership of Chervon (HK) Ltd: China’s foremost manufacturers of power tools and outdoor power equipment.  With over 130 million products sold, SKIL remains a worldwide trusted brand, setting standards for smart, affordable, and high-quality DIY tools.

SKIL has always adapted to the challenges of each era, persistently pursuing the highest quality. Just as Michel sought progress, SKIL continues to uphold his spirit by always pushing for new ideas and advancements.