Business Units

During our 20-year history, CHERVON has been active in three distinct business fields. Our origin is in the power tool industry. The Power Tool Business unit is the largest in CHERVON and provides the foundational capabilities on which the other business units are built. The Outdoor Power Equipment business unit was formed to include CHERVON’s successful line of cordless outdoor power equipment. The Automotive business unit manufactures precision parts for world-leading Original Equipment Manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers.

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Power Tool Business Unit

CHERVON’s Power Tool business unit was established in 1993 and rapidly developed into a full-fledged value chain that includes R&D, sourcing, manufacturing, testing, marketing, sales & distribution and after-sales service. It is now one of the global leaders in the power tool industry. The Power Tool business unit is the largest business unit within CHERVON and serves consumers and retailers around the globe.

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Outdoor Power Equipment Business Unit

The Outdoor Power Equipment business unit was formed in 2013 to include CHERVON’s successful, game-changing outdoor power equipment technology. While the technology is power-tool related, our customers have specific requirements and need to be addressed appropriately.

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Automotive Business Unit

CHERVON formally established the Automotive business unit in 2012 to acknowledge and create a clear focus on manufacturing capabilities dedicated to providing high precision parts to the automotive industry and other industrial customers. We are proud to serve world-leading automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers.