Outdoor Power Equipment Business Unit

CHERVON’s Outdoor Power Equipment Business Unit is built on the solid foundation of manufacturing and development capability developed throughout our power-tool manufacturing history. Continuous technology breakthroughs, such as waterproof mechanism systems and Lithium-Ion-battery heat-management technology, have been accomplished with inspired collaboration across our global R&D teams.

  • Game changing innovation in the Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) industry
  • Focus on North America, Europe, Oceania
  • Serving the market with two of its own brands (EGO, CALMDURA)
  • CHERVON Green Power production facility in Nanjing, China
  • Professional-grade, as well as consumer-grade battery-powered OPE tools
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Brief History
  • 2000 Produced CHERVON’s first outdoor-power-equipment  (OPE) tool: Blower
  • 2007 Began development of Lithium-Ion OPE battery platform and full range of tools, including lawn mower
  • 2014  Market launch of the EGO brand with industry-changing technological innovation
  • 2014 Formally established OPE business unit
  • 2015 Opened Green Power Industrial Park
  • 2015 Acquired Calmdura technology start-up
  • 2016 Second generation of EGO products enter the market
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Green Power Industrial Park

The Green Power Industrial Park is our highly automated and world-class manufacturing facility for our Chevron’s Outdoor Power Equipment business unit. It covers an area of 75 acres. We cultivate six different types of grass on our 25-acre testing field, so that we may design and test outdoor power equipment on our testing fields and at selected sites in our market locations to verify that our solutions truly address our customers’ pain points. The products we produce are “green”, and so is the energy used to support the facilities that make them. The roof of the plant is covered with solar panels to generate electricity, and we use a ground-source, heat-pump system for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.