Product Innovation

We continuously challenge conventional solutions to achieve breakthroughs in advanced technology; we provide product solutions that innovatively address the users’ pain points. We are proud of our cross-functional global team. We all work diligently to consistently bring innovative product solutions to the market and to create great user experiences.

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Old problem. New product.

Hammering by hand in tight and awkward spots has long been a challenge. CHERVON responded by inventing the cordless auto-hammer, defining an entirely new product category. CHERVON’s auto-hammer was the only recipient of the Innovation Award for Fastening Tools at the 2009 Cologne International Exposition of Hardware.

More power. Less pollution.

EGO 56V POWER+ products broke the industry’s 40 Volt barrier. Delivering the power and performance comparable to gas/petrol power, EGO frees consumers from the noise, fuss and fumes of gas/petrol.

Better user experience.

FLEX Giraffe Pole Sander was awarded the international Red Dot Design Award in 2014. Its light weight and improved user comfort reflect CHERVON’S focus on improving user experience via superior industry design solutions.

Innovation Infrastructure

At CHERVON, the Research and Development, Industrial Design and Manufacturing groups innovate within and across functions to discover and develop the best solutions for our customers.

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With R&D centers in Nanjing (China), Changchun (China), Hangzhou (China) and Steinheim (Germany), our highly qualified engineers are devoted to designing better power tools and outdoor power equipment. Employing state-of-the-art research processes and techniques, the international team collaborates to provide innovative, durable products that deliver superior performance.

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Industrial Design

CHERVON’s Global Industrial Design team members are located in USA, UK, France and China. Through regular collaboration, meetings and forums they can optimize their knowledge about trends and issues in their respective markets.  Our industrial designers consult with CHERVON’s research teams and technical professionals and conduct extensive interviews with and observations of users. They carefully analyze power tool use, problems and opportunities and design user-focused product solutions that directly address users’ needs.

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CHERVON controls every step of manufacturing to ensure efficient and stable production. We reduce production cost, improve delivery time and save cost for our customer. Continuous digitalization and automation helps to keep our operational efficiency and excellence at the very top level of the industry as we pursue operational and quality excellence.