Promising “Power Beyond Belief” and delivering the power of gas/petrol without the noise, fuss and fumes, EGO 56V cordless outdoor power equipment revolutionized the outdoor power equipment industry and continues to deliver innovative solutions for our markets in North America, Europe and Australia.

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Introduced in 2013, the groundbreaking lineup of EGO POWER+ products is identified as the #1 Outdoor Power Equipment platform by the leading US consumer magazine and has earned the top 4-star rating from end users.

All EGO POWER+ products share the unique Arc-Lithium™ Battery and Charger system, allowing for complete interchangeability among all EGO products. Each EGO POWER+ product is designed to provide superior performance to make yard maintenance easier and more enjoyable. EGO delivers on the promise of “The power and performance of gas/petrol without the noise, fuss and fumes.”

EGO products are sold in North America, Europe and Australia.

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POWER+ Mower
POWER+ Blower
String Trimmer
POWER+ String Trimmer
Chain Saw
POWER+ Chain Saw
Hedge Trimmer
POWER+ Hedge Trimmer
Power+ Snow Blower in use
Power+ Snow Blower