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May 11, 2018

Chervon Charity Run supports “Spring Buds Program”


On May 5, 2018, the 6th Chervon Charity Run was held at Nanjing Xuanwu Lake as scheduled. Although there were the warnings repeated in the news that “Jiangsu will welcome heavy rain storm in the coming weekend”, “Nothing better not go out”, the bad weather does not stop the enthusiasm of Chervon people. “Really I’ve never ran 10 kilometers in the rain, this certainly is a different experience.”

The race started at 8:50 a.m. At 9:35:22, the first 6KM runner finished the race. Only 26 seconds later, the first 10KM challenger crossed the finish line. A total of 522 people participated in this year’s charity run, including 325 people who completed 6KM “Healthy Run” and 197 people who completed 10KM “Challenge Run”, activating 55,650 RMB supporting fund which will be donated in the name of the charity run participants by Chervon.

At the same time, “Spring Buds” Wechat crowdfunding activity was also in progress. Since starting at 17:00 on April 24th, we received 4,286 online support and realized a crowdfunding of 77,742.49 RMB as of 13:00 on May 7th. In the end, the 6th Chervon Charity Run raised a total of 133,392.49 RMB. The donation will be donated to the Tzu Chi Foundation and will continue to support the “Spring Buds Program” which is a public welfare program for the purpose of providing educational aid to poor students in Jiangsu Province.