Laser & Electronic Tools

CHERVON designs, programs and builds its own, proprietary printed circuit boards; we optimize the electronics to support the function of each product. The end result is programmed intelligence for greater accuracy and an intuitive user experience.

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Laser Levels

Laser levels must be accurate. Period. CHERVON’S manufacturing capabilities support the accuracy of the lasers and the quality of the tools. CHERVON’s laser-level products include single line, cross-line and 360° laser levels. Features include self-leveling functions and integrated tripods for enhanced ease of use and versatility. 

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Laser Measuring Tools

A CHERVON laser measuring tool is a compact, intuitive laser measuring device. Innovation removed the usual complexity and confusion associated with laser measuring.  Our continuous investment in technology enables us to produce the world's thinnest laser measuring tool. 

Digital Levels

CHERVON innovation again makes an old problem easier to solve. Forget about repeatedly checking level bubbles: press the button and let the digital readout tell you where you are. Save that reading and several more. Check reference angles. Turn the level upside down; the readout is still right-side up. We made the very traditional task of leveling faster and more accurate.