Bench Tools

CHERVON has been producing durable, dependable and accurate bench-tool products for over 10 years. The manufacture of professional-quality bench tools poses strenuous challenges to any manufacturer. CHERVON’s ongoing success in this category is a testament to our robust systems and capabilities.

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Miter Saws

CHERVON miter saws are powerful and accurate. That’s just the start. After recognizing awkward adjustment configurations and the difficulty users had with transport and storage, CHERVON rethought the miter saw and developed solutions such as up-front miter adjustments, dual laser cutting lines and functional stands to make miter saw use easier, safer and more efficient.

Tile Saws

Great products start with an understanding of our users’ needs and difficulties. To meet those needs, our tile saws feature powerful motors to reduce chipping, ball-bearing structures to support smooth and accurate cutting, anti-splash water-management systems and stands for portability.

Chop Saws/Cut-off Saws

Chop saws/cut-off saws have to get a rough job done. Durability and power are needed to deliver the result required on the job site. CHERVON’s chop saws/cut-off saws, including the DEVON cut-off saws that are used across China, get the jobs done. We spend years to fine-tune and improve the tools to match the users' needs.

Product Showcase:
Table Saws
Table Saws