“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole." We are committed to providing better and more pleasant ways to drill that hole. That includes the commitment to do it better than before.

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Bit Grip™

The strong, integrated magnet secures the bit so well that users no longer need to hold the screw while driving. It's the world's first true, one-hand, screw-driving tool, which makes screw driving work much more easy and simple. 

Bit Kits

Driver bits and drill bits; specialty impact bits and spade bits; and many more. CHERVON produces a range of bit kits to meet the needs of discerning craftspeople and professionals.

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MultiTool Accessories

CHERVON produces a full line of high-quality accessories to make our users' project work easier and more satisfying. 

Product Showcase:
Saw Blades
Saw Blades
Bi-Metal Impact Bits
Bi-Metal Impact Bits
Grinding Discs
Cutting Discs